• 1. You love the surprise of fresh organic fruits and vegetables arriving at your doorstep.
  • 2. You like the simplicity of cooking with fewer, quality ingredients.
  • 3. You want to support local business by resisting the surge of big corporations which can’t really deliver the kind of fresh produce we offer.
  • 4. You care about where your food is coming from, from a company that has been in business for over 15 years and been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, ABC News and more. Our high YELP rating and A+ Better Business Bureau rating reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • You want the best. There are so many competitors now but no one can beat the quality of our goods for the price. So what are you waiting for?

  • 1. If you are less interested in organic produce and want GMO supermarket fare.
  • 2. You are uncomfortable with natural foods that sometimes don’t look like they do in supermarkets.
  • 3.  You are more interested in fast food than cooking for yourself.
  • 4. You value low price more than quality.
  • 5. You live outside our delivery area.

One of the great things about the internet is that it gives consumers a voice. I would strongly urge you to think before you do so, however, as most of the problems customers have can be worked out to the best satisfaction by both parties without having to resort to a negative review. Small businesses rely on YELP to help spread the word but they can also be severely damaged by reviews that seem to spring from a question that could have been answered by a simple email or a phone call. All we ask is that you give a chance to satisfy your request or resolve your conflicts before you pull the trigger.

We work on a monthly basis. We offer weekly, and every other week frequencies. If you are unsure PLEASE order one box as a trial. Please know that we do NOT provide refunds. We do NOT believe that a month is too much to commit to. If you want to cancel, and you have boxes left over, please see Money and Cancellations below.

You can order one box as a trial, but if you want to continue we will required you to enter your Credit Card info and submit a Standing Order. Please see Is there a minimum? or Is there a delivery charge? for a more detailed explanation.

Then you’ll never get it from us. You have the ability to go and choose your own “Never Sends” which we will never include in your weekly delivery. We also offer you the ability to designate each fruit and vegetable as an “always” or “sometimes”. These other choices are what we use when your “nevers” are removed from your box and we are forced to go in and bring your box up to the box that you paid for. This is why it is so important that you take some quality time filling this form out. You will always be able to go in yourself, as often as necessary, and adjust this any way that you’d like. Just remember the fewer choices that you make available to us, the greater the possibility that you will get the same things every week.

We deliver to most of Los Angeles County. We deliver from Redondo Beach up to lower Malibu. We deliver from the Westside to Downtown. We also cover the middle- to lower-part of the San Fernando Valley (south of the 118 from San Marino to Calabasas). We cover Topanga, plus many of the other hidden enclaves in and around this loosely defined area. For more details description see Delivering below. If you feel that you may be close enough to our delivery area, yet do not appear to be included, please send us an email with your exact address and we’ll get back to you. Contact us at area@lovedelivery.com

No. We are sorry; this food club is set up as just that…”a continuing FOOD club”. We count on the fact that we are coming to your house on a regular basis to deliver produce, allowing us to keep the prices down on all of our peripheral products. The best way to make our service work for you is if you are ready to sign up as a repeat customer, either every week or every other week.

Yes. Each service approaches this a little differently. We at lovedelivery.com allow you the entire weekend to customize the produce that you will receive that week.

The deadline for any changes, requests or cancellations is Sunday 10PM the week of your delivery. Please make note of this, it is very important.

Money and Cancellations

Our Sign Up Sheet is a secure webpage that allows you to input your Credit Card information safely and securely. This will be used to automatically bill your account on a monthly basis. Any missed deliveries, credits or changes will be credited to your next month’s invoices and charges.
No. We will need your Credit Card information in order to complete setting up your account. We also insist on communicating with each and every one of our new clients to make sure that you understand everything that being a member of our club entails. We will email you and let you know that we are charging your account and give you the chance to ask anything that you may be unsure about. After we have made contact with someone that is representing your account, we will be glad to get you going within a week.
The charges are processed the first of the month, each and every month. We charge for the entire “coming month” all at one time. If you are aware of deliveries that you will not be wanting in the coming month, you can enter holidays (see What if I need to skip a delivery?) or alert us ASAP (at the very least, several days before the beginning of the month). This will allow us to adjust your invoice so that you will not be charged for deliveries that you will not be expecting. If you wind up getting charged for a delivery that you did not receive, we will gladly credit it in your next billing cycle.

Our Sign Up Sheet is a secure webpage that allows you to input your Credit Card information safely and securely. This will be used to automatically bill your account on a monthly basis. Any missed deliveries, credits or changes will be credited to your next month’s invoices and charges.

No. We will need your Credit Card information in order to complete setting up your account. We also insist on communicating with each and every one of our new clients to make sure that you understand everything that being a member of our club entails. We will email you and let you know that we are charging your account and give you the chance to ask anything that you may be unsure about. After we have made contact with someone that is representing your account, we will be glad to get you going within a week.

The charges are processed the first of the month, each and every month. We charge for the entire “coming month” all at one time. If you are aware of deliveries that you will not be wanting in the coming month, you can enter holidays (see What if I need to skip a delivery?) or alert us ASAP (at the very least, several days before the beginning of the month). This will allow us to adjust your invoice so that you will not be charged for deliveries that you will not be expecting. If you wind up getting charged for a delivery that you did not receive, we will gladly credit it in your next billing cycle.

No. We have moved completely to an automated billing process. Like all ongoing services, we will automatically charge your credit card each month. No muss, no fuss. We find this a much more humane way of dealing with payment than begging you each month for money and forcing you to respond in a specific timeline.

We are very sorry. We have tried many different ways to deal with this. Every attempt at alternate options has always ended up with unhappiness from one group or another. I do find it hard to believe that anyone these days doesn’t even have a debit card. One option some people have used is to share a box with someone who does have a debit/credit card. Another option these days is a gift VISA or Master Card. Call us if you need some guidance on how to handle this arrangement…and we’ll be glad to help.

This credit will be forwarded to your next month’s charges.

You must call or email our office, AND YOU MUST RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION BACK FROM US. Please don’t make any assumptions. We will always confirm a cancellation. If you don’t get one within a few days, please call the office.

WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. So if you must quit, we must know before we bill you (beginning of each month). If you still have a credit on your account, we will expect you to receive those boxes. If you yourself can no longer receive your boxes we will be glad to divert your boxes to a neighbor or a friend.

Once you have paid for a box with lovedelivery.com you always have the credit waiting. If you know that you are going away for a little while, but coming back, you may as well leave your credit with us.

If for some reason we are forced to raise our prices you will be unaffected by the price change until your credit is used up. This means if you go away for 6 months and you have 6 x $28.50 boxes still waiting, if the $28.50 box happens to go up to $33, you will still have a 6-box credit on your account.


We would LOVE to hear any and all suggestions for services and products. Please send us an email (emails assure that there will be no confusion as to what you are addressing) with your comments, recommendations and any other information that you can provide concerning your request. Every one of you should be assured that I promise you that I am made aware of each and every suggestion, comment and complaint (lucky me) that comes into our house. The more feedback you provide, the easier it is for us to keep improving our service.
Please email us with all cancellation requests. Email us with your wishes and we will cancel you as soon as your currently paid-for boxes are finished. Cancellations will always receive a confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation, you should assume that we never got your request to cancel (You will receive a cancellation confirmation even if you speak to someone.) Please remember: we do not make refunds for paid boxes — to make sure that you are not charged for a coming month please cancel before the first of that month.

You can also simply reply to the email that you will receive as we publish each box every Friday. You can indicate your changes and/or place a further order this way also. Please indicate your full name, delivery day and produce box size when you phone or fax your order.
To postpone or cancel your delivery, go to your Current Order page and click on the link “Temporarily Cancel Deliveries”. Scroll down and check off the days that you will be away. If you choose to phone or fax in your holidays, please indicate your name, delivery day, frequency and the resume date.
Your delivery drivers are just that: delivery drivers. We purposely don’t want our drivers taking any information meant for the office. If you have any questions or requests please address them directly to the office. If you deal directly with the office there will never be any confusion or mistakes. If the instructions are detailed delivery instructions it is best to inform both the driver and the office. This way, if there is ever a substitute driver on your route…he will also know the details that you have requested.


To get more information about what’s in a box, click on the “View Sample” (if you are not a customer), or “Customize” (if you are already a customer) on our standing order page. Weekly Produce Listings are published each week on Friday afternoon and remain available to customize until Sunday at 10PM.
We offer several boxes in each of two sizes. We offer boxes based on your particular needs. We offer more options to your “standard” box than any other delivery service in the world. Our smallest box comes in five different configurations: 2/3 fruit, 2/3 veggie, all veggie, and all fruit (for a few dollars more). 
If you have ever received an all-fruit box from us, or any other service, you will have already seen that our all-fruit box, up until now, didn’t look full. Organic fruit is more dense, and often more expensive than most organic vegetable counterparts. Because of this disparity, we have decided that if you want all fruit in your box, you want a full, all fruit box. Accordingly, we will be putting more in the fruit box (thus the $36 price). We promise that you will still be getting the great prices and quality that you are used to…only more of it.

Make soup! We offer two box frequencies: weekly and bi-weekly. We always suggest that you start small and take more as you need it. If you are not certain that you can eat a whole box every week, then take one every other week. You can always upgrade your service. Please don’t forget: all changes, request, cancellations and anything else that would affect this coming week’s delivery…has to be in our office by Sunday 10PM preceding your delivery.

One word: regulations. You can always inquire about our waste and excess. If you have a good idea, and it can easily be incorporated into our schedule…I’m all ears. 

Each week on Friday we make a pre-order with our suppliers. At this point we send out emails to everyone that is going to receive a delivery in that coming week. This email will inform you that the boxes have been activated and they are available for viewing and customizing (if you have a customizable box). You will have all weekend to customize your box. If there is something in the particular box that you have chosen that is on your “never” list, it will be automatically removed from your box, this is your chance to fix it. If you do go in and fix it, that’s great. You will get just what you want (subject to the available market that day. What this means is, we do our best to keep things as they were published. Unfortunately produce is a day to day market.). If you don’t get a chance to go in and fix it, that’s ok too. We will, as we have always done, automatically go in on Monday and fix up your box accordingly (this is based on your preferences).

Each week on Friday afternoon, after I have collected all of the selections for the coming week, I will be assembling each box. As soon as “your” box has been assembled and published you will receive an email alerting you that your box is available for customizing. All you have to do to view your box is to click on the link presented in the email. You will have until Sunday 10PM to do whatever you want.

Absolutely not! Quite the opposite; I like the guidance. Requests for the coming week should be made before I make my orders on Friday. If I have some direction, by the time I order (on Friday), I am glad to, when I can, add things that I might not ordinarily order simply because someone actually requests it. It is just as easy, most of the time, if it’s in season, to order broccoli as it is asparagus. Simply drop us a line and, if I can get what you want, I will.

Check out our information on our Produce Storage sheet. Also, don’t miss our special Evert Fresh Green Bags. These bags, regardless of any special produce tips, will keep your produce 3-5 times longer than normal..

Unfortunately, all boxes are subject to change up and until the box is delivered to your door. This is produce…after all! I wish that I could say that every time that I want to use a particular type of fruit or vegetable that it gets to you, my client. But I can no longer count the times where I was promised something only to be disappointed by the quality: or the darn truck never shows up. We will always do our best to deliver what we have told you that we will deliver. If an item appears to be missing from your box, we may have had to make a last minute replacement. If we’ve made a mistake or left something out then we’ll be glad to replace the item, free of charge, the following week.


This completely depends on where you live. We do specific routes around LA. Our delivery hours are anytime between 9AM – 6PM. We don’t know exactly when your delivery will be until we plug it into our route. When we have the routes assembled (Monday afternoon/evening) we can usually give a 2-3 hour window. Your delivery will generally be around the same time very week.

Tuesdays – The Westside: Basically west of Westwood, from Santa Monica to North Paolos Verdes and parts of the Torrance/Hawthorne area.

Wednesdays – Mid-Wilshire, the Hollywood Hills, the Western Canyon Drives, Beverly Hills, Century City, parts of Brentwood, etc. The San Fernando Valley: Glendale to Calabasas. At present we stay south of Northridge. We go through Topanga Canyon and cover the southern-most tip of Malibu. This also includes the Pacific Palisades and all the other hillside communities from Topanga south to Santa Monica.

Thursdays – We deliver to the “East Side”. This is considered to be Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Silver Lake, Koreatown, Adams Historical to USC. We also usually to the Montecito Heights, Huntington Drive, Pasadena, Alhambra, San Marino, and the La Canada Flintridge area on Thursday.
No. Most (90%) of our customers never see us. We usually ask for a cool, out of the sun, location to leave the box every week. If there are special instructions as to how to handle your delivery, please include the description in your customer info sheet, under “Delivery Instructions”. Or simply call the office.
Yes. This is the way 99% of our deliveries are made. We will ask for, or find a shady location, hopefully off the ground (due to critters) to leave your box. If you provide a “clean” container (cooler, this can be a very important solution in the summer) that you would rather us leave your produce in, simply let the office and/or the driver know where you would like your delivery to end up, and we will do our best to leave it there. If heat is not the problem, but critters (mammal or insect) are, a cheap “Rubbermaid” container will solve the issue. But, and this is the reason that we do not deliver in sealed plastic containers, if a sealed container gets hot, without the airflow available as in our standard delivery box, you will accelerate the ripening of your produce ten fold. This is why we are willing to go the extra step to make sure that your delivery arrives in exactly the condition that we planned. We do accept keys (at your own risk) to deliver your box as close to its final destination (the refrigerator) as possible. If you foresee a difficult or complicated drop off, please contact the office beforehand so we can work out the details.
I wish that you could. We run our deliveries in routes. This allows us to handle our deliveries more efficiently; keeping the costs and the emissions down. In LA there are so many potentials for delays: traffic problems, the occasional van breakdown, or even possibly a new driver training on a new route. Please be patient if your box doesn’t arrive at the usual time and sit tight. We have never given up on one single delivery. What you can count on is, once you get your first delivery, most of our proceeding deliveries will be around the same time each week.
If you live in a restricted access dwelling, there are several ways that we can handle this:

1) We do take keys and codes (This is the best solution. This way we have no problems with doormen, managers, etc., being around). We will take your outdoor and, if you want, your indoor key. It is completely up to you. We will put the box on your kitchen cabinet (if you accept an in-house delivery, you accept this service at your own risk). You shouldn’t worry at all, we do this often. Be assured every driver that I have is a real mensch (for those of you who don’t speak Yiddish; A Mensch is a “real” person. Someone you’d enjoy having over for dinner). If we bring it inside, just make sure it is a clear and obvious place.

2) You can arrange with a doorman, manager or housebound neighbor to receive your delivery. This arrangement must be as certain as possible. For if our driver arrives and 5-10 minutes go by…he won’t fight it. He (or she) will leave the box at your front gate or door. (Obviously this is not the best choice.)

3) You can make arrangements with a local establishment just in case you’re not around. (Again, this must be a place that is OPEN. We hate to leave boxes in alleys, bushes or main streets.
Deadline for cancellations for the week is Sunday 10PM before your delivery date. Changes cannot be made on the website after deadline. Deadlines for cancellations forever are the first of any month. Since we bill ahead of time, each month for the month, if you don’t want to be charged for another month please let us know in the appropriate time. As stated in our Terms of Usage, we do not offer refunds.
Please note: Your delivery drivers are just that, delivery drivers. Please leave them out of any official business, requests, payments or cancellations. If you have any questions or requests, please direct them to the office. If you deal directly with the office there will never be any confusion. If the instructions are detailed delivery instructions, it is best to inform both the driver and the office. This way, if there is ever a substitute driver on your route…he will also know the details that you have requested.
If your order did not arrive please let us know. If I tell you that you will have a delivery on a certain date it should be there. You will always hear from us if your box is ever undeliverable. If it is the fault of Mother Nature, the “Law”, or some major disruption of travel in LA, we are sorry and we will get to you as soon as we can. (We are in each area only once a week. So it won’t be possible to redeliver until the following week.) We will credit your account for the missed delivery, toward the coming month. If, on the other hand, the misdelivery is our fault, we will apologize with a gift on your next delivery. If you suspect your box was stolen please contact us. We will credit your account and contact you to discuss safer delivery instructions. If we don’t hear anything from you we will have to assume that your delivery was made and received.
If you never received your first deliver, or you have received a few deliveries and all of a sudden the deliveries have stopped, call the office immediately. Because most of our deliveries are made to unattended residences, we in the office only have you to confirm that you’re receiving your deliveries properly. If we attempt to make your deliveries and you don’t receive them, yet we don’t hear anything, we can only assume that your deliveries are being made properly. Only you can tell us differently. If you have been confirmed and put on a route, there is NO reason that you shouldn’t be receiving your deliveries. If we attempt to make a delivery and it doesn’t arrive to the designated spot, or any spot for that matter, please call the office immediately. You will never be responsible for a lost delivery, unless we have been making successful drops and then they stop without contacting the office. If we do not hear that you are not receiving your deliveries, and yet you continue to let us wrongly or unknowingly deliver incorrectly, you will responsible for the deliveries that, as far as we knew, were being delivered correctly.
PLEASE DO! I only mean that if you would tip your Chinese food delivery man or pizza delivery man, what’s the difference? Why not the organic food delivery man? If tipping bothers you, or me even bringing this up offends you, I apologize. I spent almost 20 years of my adult life working for tips…I know from personal experience that anything/everything is very much appreciated.


We are always open to buying requests for any particular week. Obviously, that is, if it is available…and reasonable. I will never buy stuff frivolously. I may, though, get creative and for those of you who are experimental, with lots of choices. I promise you will get some amazing varieties of produce.
You go to our CURRENT ORDER PAGE. We allow our boxes to be changed, upgraded or cancelled up until our weekly deadline at 10PM Sunday night. Before then, you will have the freedom to change your box, from our list of currently available produce. You will be able to go in and make changes on your CURRENT ORDER PAGE as often as you want before the deadline for final changes (Sunday 10PM the week preceding your delivery.) You will receive an email confirmation after each modification, delivery cancellation and any other alteration in your order.
If Monday comes and your box has not been altered or “fixed”, we will go in and do it for you. This is why your customer info and your preferences are so important. We will be completing your box using the choices and preferences (multiples or varieties, fruits or veggies…) for you. You should still NEVER receive anything that you don’t want. If this ever happens, give it to a neighbor and we will make it up in your next delivery. But please remember, Sunday 10PM is the deadline for changes. If you can’t get to your order send us an email with your requests and we will do whatever we can to make it happen. After 10PM on Sunday, it simply may be too late to do anything regardless of the situation.
I will do my best to publish to the web your boxes and choices as early as I can. This will usually be every Friday afternoon around 4PM. Our producers provide me with their list of options as soon as they are available. When I assemble all of my suppliers’ choices, that’s when I make my decisions. As soon as the boxes are published you will receive an email informing you of such. You will have from then until the coming Sunday night (2 days) at 10PM to customize whatever, whenever as many times as you want.
If you are sure that your account has been set up and you can’t change your box, that means that your box hasn’t been completed. As soon as each box is completed there should be no reason, once completed, that you cannot adjust your box. If there is still a problem, please call or email the office.
The deadline for changes is the Sunday 10PM before your delivery date. Changes cannot be made on the website after the deadline. If you choose to call in a request, please indicate your full name, delivery day and box name when you phone your order. A late cancellation will result in full payment of the intended box (I always hate to have to do this, but the reason we are able to give you wholesale prices is because we commit to our farmers early so they know what is sold. If you cancel after Sunday 10PM we still have already committed (on your behalf) to our suppliers). Please don’t forget…Changes cannot be made after the deadline (Sunday 10PM). Please call us if any emergency arises.

It tastes better. Organic farming, by the nature of the stringent guidelines, insists that the fruits and vegetables that reach your table be of the utmost quality. Only the freshest, juiciest produce (without chemical enhancement or ripening) will ever be distributed. There must be a reason that the finest chefs in the world are all turning to local organically grown produce. Just try it; we’re sure you’ll agree.
It’s healthier. Just as our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals at different rates, depending on the source (synthetics vs. “real foods”), so do fruits and vegetables. The fact that organic farming starts with the soil, naturally, means that the produce has a better chance to fully realize all the properties Mother Earth intended her produce to have.
It’s better for our community. Most organic farms in this country are owned and operated by like-minded families or cooperatives. By supporting local organic farmers, you are making a political and economic statement against big business. This in turn promotes a community that is self-sustaining and fully integrated.
It’s better for our planet. Consumer Reports wrote: “Water pollution from agriculture is the chief reason that 40% of America’s lakes, rivers, and estuaries are not clean enough for fishing and swimming. Buying organic promotes farming practices that really are more sustainable and better for the environment — less likely to degrade the soil, impair ecosystems, foul drinking water, or poison farmworkers.”
In 1980, long before the current interest in organics, the USDA attempted to create a basic format for what is to be considered organic. It went as follows:
“Organic farming is a production system which avoids the use of synthetically compounded feertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives. To the maximum extent feasible, organic farming systems rely on crop rotation, crop residues, animal manure, legumes, green manures, off the farm organic wastes, mechanical cultivation, mineral-bearing rocks, and aspects of biological pest control to maintain soil productivity and tilth, to supply plant nutrients, and to control insects, weeds and other pests.” Ten years later the USDA created, yet didn’t enforce, this country’s first nationwide regulatory guidelines called the Organic Food Production Act of 1990. This set the stage for nationwide consistency and the opportunity for certain communities to create and enforce stricter guidelines and third party verification of such guidelines. California demands a higher level of verification than the rest of the country. This verification is often done by worldwide overseers that confirm the level to which the definition of organic as exercised at each farm conforms to the rigorous guidelines insisted on by places like California. The oldest of these is California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). It has been around since 1973 “to define uniform organic standards and establish a certification system”. Finally, in October 2002 the USDA stepped in to create a nationwide organic label and standard. No longer should there be ambiguity, or a question as to whether something is organic. From now on, from anywhere in this country, if it is marked “Certified Organic” you can count on the fact that it is clean of all pesticides, synthetic hormones, and that what you are eating has not been genetically modified. It is says “Certified Organic”, and it is being sold in California, regardless if it’s from Mars, it has to be grown with the same considerations, from the clean water source on up to and including the lack of ambient or traveling pesticides, clean soil and clean processing and everything else that you would expect an organic farm in Fresno to adhere to.
Every item that we include in our published weekly boxes is “Certified Organic”. Each piece of fruit or vegetable that you receive from us (and anything that we “fill in” to complete your box) not only adheres to the nationwide USDA Organic guidelines, but California’s enhanced guidelines too. Most of our product will have an organic label already attached to the produce. But because we buy in bulk and because we don’t stop to apply labels that may be included in a box but not applied to the produce, because we package in-house (a “Certified Organic” packing facility) and because we have been doing this longer than anyone in the area (without one incident of any kind of misrepresentation) we don’t feel the need to go out of our way to prove each and every piece is, just as we claim, “100% Certified Organic”. If you ever have a question or suspicion that something that you have received is not what we represented it to be, let us know and we will take the necessary steps to provide you with the documentation to prove that what we say is Organic…is 100% Certified Organic”. Now, as you will read further on, there will be products that we will provide that will not be “Certified Organic”. But we will never ever substitute a produce item in your box without your approval unless it is absolutely “Certified Organic”. (i.e., we will be offering Thai Baby Coconuts for substitution at times, THESE ARE NOT ORGANIC. Anyone who tells you that you are drinking an organic Thai Baby Coconut is a liar. They are often “wild harvested”. Coconut palms grow like a week in Thailand, and as far as I know the fruit (the coconut) has no indigenous pest, so there is never a need to spray or alter the fruit. So generally, this is what I would consider an ok “non Organic” product, but it is not organic. If you should choose to substitute a Thai Coconut for something in your box, that will be your option/choice and we are glad to fulfill it. But, WE WILL NEVER, WITHOUT YOUR DIRECT INSTRUCTIONS, SUBSTITUTE A “NON ORGANIC” ITEM FOR ANYTHING INCLUDED IN ANY ONE OF OUR PUBLISHED BOXES.

We do our best to source, as much as we can, from local producers. We work with several distributors, farms, distribution drop points and our personal access to one of the largest urban produce markets in the country. Depending on the season, up to 80% or 90% of all of our available produce, on a week to week basis, is from 500 miles (one day’s drive) or closer. There are some things that just aren’t available locally to us; “tropical fruits” for example. So there are times that we reach a little further for some of the things we desire. You can be assured that WHEREVER your produce comes from it must still conform to not only the USDA guidelines for what can be considered “Certified Organic”, but the fact that you live in California means that all of your produce (especially Organic) must go even further to maintain a quality that is insisted on by the State of California. We are very lucky in the State of California (as concerns Organic) that we have such a strict governmental definition of what is okay to be labeled organic. California has always led the field in educating and exposing the truth about Organics and its benefits. This is why California, from the beginning, helped define the practices that would soon represent what is to be “Certified Organic”. For your comfort you should know that the State of Califoirnia seeks a further verification on what is sold as Certified Organic in this state. You can now eat securely, regardless of the country of origin your produce is from, knowing that anything that says it is organic here in California, without a doubt…is!
We do publish a Local Guide in our weekly email each Friday. You can pick only-local produce by utilizing this guide.

We often purchase the same item from several growers in a particular week. It enables us to take smaller harvests and to give you a more reliable supply. We may also bring in supplies from different growers at the last minute, dependent on the weather, crop problems or increased demand from customers. For this reason, it’s difficult for us to give full details of where each item in your box comes from, as they may vary from day to day. We do publish a Local Guide in our weekly email each Friday. You can pick only-local produce by utilizing this guide.

We offer an all local box called “Best of my LOVE”. This is produce that is all sourced from within a one day’s drive (500 miles) from right here. You can sub for anything once you pick this box but we will always publish this box with only local produce. If the idea of receiving “Certified Organic” produce from someplace other than Southern California disturbs you…then I suggest you monitor your choices and make them intelligently (we now include a Local Guide in our Friday email). This means that if you know that pineapples cannot grow in California, don’t choose them. Also, if staying religiously within the confines of “in season”, “local” produce is on the top of your agenda, you can adjust your preferences as often as you’d like corresponding to the seasons, or call the office and we’ll be glad to help. We do publish a Local Guide in our weekly email each Friday. You can pick only local produce by utilizing this guide. 

For now…NO!

CSupermarkets often insist that their suppliers guarantee a year-round supply. Some places like Trader Joes often purchase in such large lots that it is impossible to cut into the supply. Having been in this business for many years now, we here at lovedelivery.com have access to most of the organic produce available to anyone, large or small, in the Los Angeles area. We will always do our best to source from as close as we can and carry the largest variety of choices. Larger chains do not follow such desirable guidelines.

Yes. There are certain things that, to be honest, we/you should be aware of:
Heat – please help us locate a drop-off area that is shady and not going to wind up in direct sunlight by the end of the day. The biggest threat to our produce is overheating (see “Delivering” for further ideas on how to handle issues of nature.
Critters – Whether your own or those that you don’t have names for, critters CAN at times be an issue. (see “Delivering” for further ideas on how to handle issues of nature).

Berries should go into the refrigerator immediately. Fragile greens should immediately be removed from their bags, aired out, and then rebagged with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture. And there are other hints that you can use to “Get the Most out of LOVE — just print out the Produce Tips.


We deliver most of our produce green. This is the way that fresh produce is picked. Other than “end of season” produce (and anything that says “vine ripened”), all produce is picked green to give it more of a shelf life. Remember this is organic produce. ORGANIC PRODUCE IS INFAMOUS FOR ITS LESS THAN STELLAR SHELF LIFE. Organic produce has not been manipulated for shelf life (Thank You, or not, Luther Burbank. If you don’t know who this is, you should…he has affected just about every plant that we enjoy; edible or not.) You are receiving your produce as Mother Nature intended. Because produce in nature could care less how long it lasts, usually the contrary…when man isn’t picking the food, the quicker it ripens the quicker the rest of nature can enjoy its bounty and the cycle of life continues. So yes, most of the produce that you receive from us will still be green. This should only affect your good eating on your first delivery. Yes, you may have to wait a few days before eating. Once you are on a regular schedule this problem disappears. Even if you receive something that is too green to eat immediately, inevitably there will be something from your last box that is probably just getting perfect. If not, just give it a couple of days and you should be good to go again. This is why with regular deliveries you should always have something that is just perfect to eat. You can always try putting an under-ripe piece of produce in a paper bag with an over-ripe piece of produce. The gasses that are generated may just kick start the under-ripe fruit. If you try this exercise, make sure you monitor your produce. If left like this unmonitored your fruit or vegetables can over-ripen more quickly than you might imagine.

We guarantee everything that we sell 100%. Organics are traditionally a less hardy organism than its conventional counterpart. If you receive anything that goes bad too quickly (we leave this determination completely up to you) we will gladly makeup the bad produce in your next delivery (this may not be a one-to-one replacement, but your next box will reflect an equal or greater addition to make up for the problem). This is a normal part of doing business with perishable items. WE WANT YOU TO TELL US OF ANY PROBLEMS. YOU ARE NOT BOTHERING US. IF YOU DO NOT TELL US SOMETHING IS WRONG…THERE IS NOT WAY THAT WE CAN FIX IT. Please don’t ever hesitate to drop us a line if you ever encounter a problem.

We constantly strive to provide you with the freshest, just picked local Certified Organic produce. Organic produce, by its very nature is more perishable than conventional (no genetic manipulation or design). The first rule of produce, especially organic produce, is “S” happens! You should expect quality mishaps and misshapen produce. This should prove to you that it is Organic. There is the possibility that we may sometime deliver produce that is, or goes, bad before you expect (We do our best to inspect every piece of produce that leaves our warehouse. We deliver thousands of individual pieces a week. Our quality control passing rate is better than 99%. Unfortunately just by the nature of scale, a few bad pieces will always get out). If this possibility is unacceptable to you, then we may not be the service for you. We guarantee our produce 100%. If you get something that is bad, or goes bad, much too quickly (we leave this determination completely up to you), all you have to do is let us know (call or email) and we will be glad to make it up in your next box (with an item of equal or greater value). We also supply and suggest Evert Fresh Green Bags if you seem to consistently have a shelf life problem. These little babies will extend the life of everything 3-5 times its normal shelf life. Call the office for more info.

Obviously if you no longer want bananas, then you should take them off of your list. But it would be a mistake to judge an entire category of fruit and vegetables because of a seeming pattern. There are two reasons for repetitive occurrences of a particular type of produce being “bad”. There are several types of fruit, in particular (see the second page of Produce TipsProduce Tips), that could be considered fussy. Tropical fruits; bananas, mangoes, avocados, papayas, pineapples and berries, to name a few, are “trouble” items. Anyone who tries to pretend that this isn’t the case is either manipulating you or flat out lying to you. We use several suppliers and have the same access, if not better, than any other retailer that you might do business with. And still, sometimes “S” happens. The second reason that you might receive a bad piece twice in a row is that the field that we have been farming may be finishing. Often the best, and the most fragile part of the season is the very end. Therefore, when we find a good supplier we will continue to use them until the very end. If you have problems, as I said before, don’t ever hesitate to let us know.

Once you have received your produce box, if you store all your produce properly you can ensure that your produce will last as long as possible. For more detailed information check out our Produce Tips.

Let me just state here that I am well aware that, when you have a meal that is planned around a particular item, you get it home and it just isn’t any good. I know that, at that very time, the promise of “extra services” next delivery doesn’t help Thursday’s dinner. This is a dilemma that I cannot help. I give you my word that I (r) personally inspect the quality of every box that I distribute. Sometimes “S” happens. If you consistently have issues, then something is wrong. If this happens, please alert the office and we will make sure that these problems disappear. We promise 100% satisfaction or we will refund your unused subscription at no penalty to you.


Because we are a group our buying is generally based on consensus. If you happen to like iceberg lettuce and you never see it offered it is most likely that most of my people don’t want iceberg lettuce. I order by what most people are going to want.

We will now, with our new system, be able to offer more specialized items. You will still be able to get colored peppers, not green, if this is your choice. If you ever get a type of fruit that you don’t want (but you still want other varieties of that item), simply go into your produce preferences page, click on that particular fruit and you will then see variety choices that you can choose from. Unfortunately these choices are not available until they are. What this means is until there have been more than one type of pepper offered the software only recognizes all peppers as one thing. So if you know that you only want a particular variety of an item, and specific varieties are not yet defined, it’s best to choose “sometimes” or “always” for the time being, until the varieties start to appear. That way if you ever do get green peppers, but only want red, you will know that the ability to discriminate is now possible. If you just put never you will never get ANY peppers. Therefore, you will never know when the peppers are available to go in and change it.

Produce is seasonal. Look at your list. Did you pick all summer fruits and vegetables, and it just so happens to be the middle of winter?

If this is the case, of course you’re going to get the same thing every week. You have given us no other choice. By selling strictly “Certified Organic” produce we are much more constrained (though, there is just about anything you want if you are willing to source from the other side of the World. We prefer to stay a lot closer than that) by the actual seasons. Organic implies a certain adherence to traditional farming procedures. If we (you) are trying to stay local, and it’s February and your only fruit choices are cherries, peaches and apples…you’re going to get a lot of apples.

Yes. See Requests

We have no problem with you choosing and receiving anything that you want. But please remember as I said before, produce isseasonal. We have a restricted list of choices based on the season. I know that this seems obvious, but sometimes we don’t look at the obvious. If you choose a box that is 2/3 fruit and you choose only nectarines, blackberries and persimmons, we will have a very difficult time filling your order most of the year. If you complete your preferences and most of your choices are “nevers” as opposed to “sometimes” or “always”, then to be honest you should probably be doing most of your shopping on your own. Without sufficient choices you will saying the same thing that most people with a highly restricted diet say, “there isn’t enough variety!” Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you (see reason 9 “Why you shouldn’t sign up with our service. First Words) We will always do our best to mix up the boxes as much as we can, but if you’re really picky and don’t plan on logging in each delivery you may very well get the same things, for lack of other possibilities every week.

Delivery Boxes

We used to pick up our boxes and reuse them. Current food handling regulations insist that boxes are to be single use. Many of you have tried other services that still reuse their boxes. They will not be able to persist in this practice long… and, if they do… use at your own risk. With single use carriers there is absolutely no possibility of any type of cross contamination.
The density of fruits and vegetables vary greatly. More often than not, the smallest is the most expensive which is why we never quote pounds per box. So, depending on the actual contents and/or additions that week, your order may look larger or smaller from week to week. Trust that we fill your boxes according to current market value. If you are used to getting lots of lower cost items and you order ie. Asparagus one week… your box will look smaller that week.

Special Offers

Of course! We are always glad and more than helpful to entice you to spread the word of LOVE.

  1. If you call the office we offer “special pricing” for gift subscriptions (price breaks start at 4 or more deliveries) to other people. This special offer requires that you are an existing customer, offering to pay for a neighbor or friend’s initial subscription. This “special pricing” for turning on your friends can only apply toward their first and only their first subscription.
  2. Any new customer that places an order is asked where they heard about us. If they give us your name and you remain a current customer within our main service area; as soon as that customer has received, and paid for 12 deliveries, yhou will receive your own free box. This offer applies to as many NEW customers that you bring into our community.

If there is anyone out there that is interested in marketing or networking on a large scale, I am always interested in hearing your ideas. If you think that you would like to make a living spreading the word of LOVE, assemble a professional, realistic proposal…and we’ll do coffee.

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